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FileCatalyst® HotFolder (Optional Feature)

FileCatalyst Spaces can also be integrated with Hotfolder to provide automated and scheduled file transfers. HotFolder is a separate application that can be installed on either Windows, Mac or Linux and can monitor a local folder for any changes to the files. Once a new file is detected, the HotFolder will automatically create a new job and submit this file into FileCatalyst Spaces. The tracking of the new job is then done the same way as any other transaction submitted via the web browser. HotFolder can also upload files to a File Area. HotFolder functionality is an additional add-on feature in FileCatalyst Spaces.

How to enable the HotFolder feature

  • Login as super admin to your instance of FileCatalyst Spaces. Click on Modify Configuration, and then on "Manage your Subscription"
  • Click on Subscription Details Tab and make sure that you check "HotFolder Job Submission" then click Save. Extra charges may apply to add this feature.
  • Logout as the super admin and then log back in. On the super admin Dashboard screen you should now see a box to download HotFolder application for your respective operating system.
  • Click on Manage users, edit the user you wish to allow to use the HotFolder feature, by checking "Allow User to submit Jobs via HotFolder/API"
  • Once you have the user setup to allow HotFolder and once you have the HotFolder installed, enter the following information in the Hotfolder Site Wizard:
    • Site ID: any arbitrary name you wish to name this site
    • Site Type: You must select FileCatalyst Workflow from the drop down
    • Host: https://{your-subdomain}.filecatalystspaces.com. This is the complete subdomain to your Spaces instance starting with https://
    • Username: will be the user you edit and configured earlier to allow HotFolder
    • Password: the password will be of the user you edited before.
  • Once you have the Site created, follow the instructions on how to make a task as per the Getting Started with HotFolder Guide
  • If you are transferring to/from the FileCatalyst Cloud Server for Spaces or if you are transferring files to an object storage, make sure to disable "Verify File Integrity After Transfer" as this option will take a very long time when storing the data to and object storage. If you require Integrity check to Object Storage, make sure to choose 'Partial' and not 'Full'. Keep in mind that even a Partial Integrity Check to Object Storage will be much slower then on a true file system.

Below are some screen shots of the HotFolder application running on Windows:

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